Marketing Technology

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Marketing Technology (MarTech) is the technology used by marketers to create, communicate, deliver, test, measure, automate, integrate, and adjust marketing efforts.  Numerous MarTech tools exist across various channels like CRM, Marketing Automation, Lead Gen and Engagement, Data, Analytics, Email Journey, SMS, Social Media, and CMS.


The problem.

While the capabilities of marketing engagement today are somewhat amazing, they are time-consuming and can be overwhelming to maintain for marketing teams already wearing multiple hats. If your marketing technology is not performing as envisioned, it’s generally tied to one of these key reasons:

  • Team Bandwidth
    Marketing teams are generally stretched thin with shifting priorities. CRM and Marketing automation tools are not always straight forward and need close to full-time attention.
  • Expertise
    Not all marketers have the time (or interest) to become an expert in implementing a new functionality. Your team knows what to do – you just need someone that knows how to do it.
  • CRM Data
    Marketing and data go hand in hand. Many times we see that CRM data is the culprit for poor campaigns.
  • Poor Implementation
    A poor set-up of your tool can lead to on-going pain and headaches.

The solution? Concierge IT

Extend your team. We provide a dedicated resource to help you implement your plans and focus only on assigned initiatives, allowing you to return to your current priorities.

  • Campaign Management and Tracking
  • Analytics
  • A/B testing

Marketing Technology Special Projects

Here are a few examples of MarTech projects we've done for our clients!

CRM Enrichment

Integration for better prospecting. We can help you automate and organize your data.

Journey Builds

Let us implement your client roadmap and ideas. We can help with step one all the way to the finish line.

Data Clean-up

Ensure your data is accurate and has the detail you need to send the most relevant campaigns.

MarTech Tool Evaluation

We coordinate the grading rubrics, set demos, and deliver a complete evaluation of vendors to compare before you invest.

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