Do you need to manage Salesforce without hiring a dedicated admin? Have a backlog that is larger than your current team’s capacity?

Get a monthly subscription that includes access to our experts in Salesforce specialized skills, best practices and custom development, plus access to our full IT and advisory services, and a dedicated delivery manager.

Common ways ConciergeIT can help you.

Fractional Help

You are considering the need for a part-time administrator but would like to justify the needs before hiring.

Specialized Projects

Your team is busy with other priority projects, and progress on new Salesforce functionality gets pushed back.

Specialized Skills

Your team needs a dedicated member with the skill set to manage Salesforce products efficiently.

Deep Knowledge

You need a team member to understand your business’s entire tech stack so they can leverage the full scope of needs.

Get on-demand resources customized to your business needs.

  • Manage your budget with fixed monthly spending and discounts on rates across the board.
  • Create a backlog plan that allows you to burst or slow down based on business needs.
  • Pull in specific resources and skills as needed for projects.
  • Build a cross-product team for complex environments.