Fixed Fee Projects

So, your team recently purchased a Salesforce license or add-on functionality. Now what?

With nearly 200 years of combined development experience, our experts will help you get started with Salesforce, quickly and efficiently, and without having to spend a large budget.

Common obstacles we can overcome with Fixed Fee Projects

Getting Started

Trouble getting started with Salesforce


Overwhelmed with the functionalities


Concerns with the time to value


Transition from a previous CRM to Salesforce

User Adoption

Not sure how to build user adoption

Control Your Budget

No expanding fees and timelines

Dream big, start small, and act now!

  • Establish a solid foundation that can be built on as your system adoption grows
  • Remove fields, tables, and functionality that don’t apply to your current business
  • Build your business process in a simple way to help you start quickly and with better adoption
  • Reduce project risk by starting with a small scope as your team gets used to working in Salesforce
  • Build out dashboards and reports to improve visibility
  • Connect your email/calendar app to Salesforce
  • Install pre-built apps from the AppExchange
  • Start with high value process automations