Complex Solutions

Are you building complex solutions on Salesforce but unsure whether your project is using best practices?


More to consider.

  • Does changing one thing break two others – does the process seem brittle or fragile?
  • Is your current partner being transparent about source release processes?
  • Do you know where your source code even is?
  • Are integrations often difficult to troubleshoot or broken?
  • Are you unsure or disconcerted about your software’s ability to take on increasing complexity?
  • Does releasing changes across multiple environments take too long?

Use Cases

Provisions Group has nearly 200 years of combined development experience on our team with everything from software engineering to source control management to quality assurance to automated testing to front end development to integration development to DevOps. We bring this experience to all the work we do – including developing on Salesforce in Apex, Aura, and Lightning.

Products on the
Salesform Platform


Complex Data

Complex User

Event Driven

Business Intelligence
or AI Solutions

Most Partners

Advanced Partners

Top Tier Partners


Custom Objects

Declarative Automation

Out of the Box Analytics

App Exchange Installs

Custom Apex

Custom Lighting/Aura

Custom Analytics

VS Code Based Workflows

Static Code Analytics

Git Based Source Code Workflows

Source Code Based Deployments

CumulousCI Deployments

Automated / Continuous Release

App Exchange Packaging

Scrum / Agile Project Management